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Forty ways (and counting!) to know that you're obsessed with James Marsters and his now former character, Spike.

You know you're a SPIKEMANIAC when...

1. Your entire room is "wallpapered" with pictures of James.

2. You have well over one hundred sound clips of Spike that play continuously over and over and... on your computer.

3. You've invented a language that revolves entirely around the word Spike. (Examples: Spikealicious, Spiketastic... etc.)

4. You've named your pet Spike after James' character.

5. James has an order of protection because you've been stalking him.

6. You tell people that you were James in a former life.

7. You've bleached your hair blonde to look like Spike.

8. You've saved every penny you could find just to buy a leather jacket just like Spike's.

9. You tell your parents that for your first car you would like to have a '63 DeSoto. When they ask why, you tell them, "Well, Spike has one."

10. You've adopted an English accent to sound like Spike, even though you're not from England.

11. You claim that you're James' long lost cousin.

12. You start to have dreams about James and swear they were real.

13. You name a sandwich after James or his character Spike.

14. You think a city should be named after James or his character Spike.

15. You think that James should be President or Prime Minister, or whatever the case may be.

16. You think there should be an international Spike day.

17. You talk about James in your sleep.

18. You paint your nails black only because Spike does.

19. You've considered getting fake vampire fangs implanted in your mouth so you can look like Spike when he's all "grr."

20. You think James' character Spike is a real person... err, um, vampire.

21. You think Spike should have his own TV show just like Angel got his own TV show.

22. You think James' face should appear on all forms of money.

23. You somehow came across a piece of chewing gum James had already used and kept it.

24. You've tried getting hired as the next new cast member of Buffy just so you can be near James. Damn the career thing all to hell, right?

25. You've dressed up as Spike for Halloween, even though you're female.

26. You have a tattoo of James' face somewhere on your body.

27. You've taken up smoking just because Spike does it.

28. You believe that James is God.

29. You've decided never to go out into the sunlight again only because Spike can't.

30. You put red food dye in your water or milk and pretend it's blood. You know, to be like Spike. And you do this on a daily basis.

31. You only watch Buffy because James is on the show.

32. You've changed your name to William, William the Bloody that is.

33. You've called your boyfriend Spike by mistake.

34. You are a member of twelve or more online clubs devoted to James and/or Spike.

35. You tell your parents that for Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate around 25 December) you would like James all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows sitting under that tree by twelve midnight, or else.

36. You have a website totally devoted to James and/or his character Spike.

37. In your backyard, you have a flower garden. And this flower garden, aranged in just the right shape with all the right colours in all the right places, forms James' head.

38. From now on, you want everyone to call you Spike, or Big Bad, y'know, just cuz it's cool. *cough* uh, huh...

39. You've blacked out all your windows, claiming the sunlight will kill you. But we all know you do it just to "be like Spike."

40. You propose the idea of building a monument of James in your hometown. Those evil city people, they wouldn't let you do it.

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