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I do not own anything! James' character Spike, and the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are property of their respectful owners: Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox, the WB, UPN, and all them (meaning anyone I might have left out). I do not make any money off this site, nor do I plan to. I am just an overly obsessed fan and nothing more.

If any picture, or anything else for that matter, is under copyright, I would appreciate if their owners would email me and notify me of their copyright. Anything that is under copyright and does not belong to me will be removed. Unless of course, the people that own the stuff give me permission to use it (Please?). Anything else that I put on my site that does not belong to me will have the credit given to those whose property it is. The site layout and the front picture (and a few other graphics) are of my own creation, nothing else is mine.

No copyright infringement is intended.

With all that said, please enjoy your stay here at SPIKEMANIA.


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